Model Resolution

Whereas the environmental question is a union question, in the sense that the current environmental issues put the planet at risk and there is no job on a dead planet;

Whereas the serious consequences of climatic devastation in Québec and Canada are intensifying rapidly (flooding, forest fires, droughts, deaths by heatwaves, diseases, weakening of infrastructures, loss of biodiversity, etc.);

Whereas a two degrees rise of the global temperature leads to a serious risk of climatic destabilization that grows exponentially; 

Whereas the governments have been incapable of proposing a credible plan for carbon neutrality in the timeframe compatible with protection of life on Earth; 

Whereas the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted how the slowness of the government in taking preventative actions and to listen to the science have consequences on life; 

Whereas the possibility of using the necessity defense and to rely on the Saskatchewan decision (Saskatchewan Federation of Labour v. Saskatchewan, 2015 SCC 4) to gain recognition for the right to a climate strike in court; 

Be it resolved that [NAME OF THE UNION] strike for climate for one day, on September 23, 2022, if at least 20 Québec unions representing 10,000 workers adopt a similar mandate for this strike; 

Be it further resolved that [NAME OF THE UNION] demand [THE EMPLOYER] to be supportive of this position; 

Be it further resolved that [NAME OF THE UNION] demand the central union give political, financial and legal support for the local unions that adopt a mandate for climate strike in the fall 2022.